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When you need in Wedding

Big fat Indian weddings can be immensely extravagant. And, you can’t even think of budget-cuts because your beloved child has been planning her or his dream wedding since childhood. So, are you thinking of taking a personal loan to cover all the expenses? Now you don’t have to! With us standing by your side, everything is possible.

We know a wedding can range from 6 lakhs to 15 lakhs even if you choose not to go for a grand ceremony. The venue alone can cost around one lakh or even more. Besides, there is food, wedding attire, photography charges, and so on. Accumulating such a large sum, especially if everything is being arranged on short notice, can be difficult. In this circumstance, taking a personal loan is the first thought that comes to your mind. Some may also opt for pledging gold in banks, NBFCs, pawn shops or financiers. However, nobody thinks about the consequences these actions bring along

We, Sristar Gold Company can be your rescuer in these tough times. Come to us with your precious metals, and in exchange receive instant cash. We provide you with the highest worth for your metals. Additionally, we compensate for the stone value as well. This way you can organise everything just like you wanted without worrying about the money arrangement. We ensure that you can get the maximum value for your gold or other precious metals. So, with a little help from us, you can book your favourite venue, a reputed caterer offering an assortment of cuisines, along with the wedding planner you always wanted

Are you halfway through making arrangements for your daughter’s or son’s wedding and falling short of money by a little? Well, we are here to help. Sristar Gold Company also releases your pledged gold from banks, pawn shops, NBFCs and financiers. After releasing we purchase the same at the highest price based on current market rates. You receive the balance after deducting the amount paid beforehand for the release. This is the best way to make up for the lacking amount for your child’s wedding.