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Let's Be Partners


UP TO $36,000 IN

Plus, our Franchise Fee is just $1,000, one of the lowest in the industry.


UP TO $36,000 IN

Our training and support begins on day one, and never ends. Kumon has helped thousands of franchisees start and grow their businesses. We’re ready to do the same for you.


UP TO $36,000 IN

Plus, our Franchise Fee is just $1,000, one of the lowest in the industry.


Franchise Opportunity

Do you want an all-in-one profession that gives you Independence, Flexibility, Satisfaction, Security and a Good Pay altogether? But, the corporate 9 to 5 jobs can’t offer you everything. So, have you been thinking about starting your own business? Then you must understand that building your own company from scratch is complicated and time-consuming.

Establishing a business requires many elements such as management skills, knowledge of workings in the industry, proper planning and execution, along with arranging a large sum of money

We have an offer that makes everything easier for you. And if you join us, you can avoid all the risk factors and enjoy fixed income monthly

Our Proposal

Now you have the Golden Opportunity to secure your finances by becoming our Franchise. Yes, you can be a Gold Trader as well.

We want to set up 100 stores by the end of 2022 in Tier 2, Tier 3, and Tier 4 small towns and cities. So, we are in search of people with the zeal of starting and operating a successful business

We follow the FOCO Model (Franchise Owned Company Operated) which has proven to be safe and successful. Also, we have a simple and one-time investment plan with assured monthly returns.

You receive a guaranteed return of 38% to 45% annually irrespective of the business outcome along with profit sharing. So, you get a monthly fixed return of at least ₹33,333 every month without putting almost no effort

We need a store with an area of 300 to 500 sq. ft. It’s okay if you don’t have your own space. We can rent a business spot together. In that case, you pay the rental deposit and we take care of the monthly rents.

Your one-time investment to start your own company is ₹ 12 lacs + Rental Deposit.

No. List of Expense Amount
1 Interior & Fitouts 74000
2 Internal Branding & Signage 20000
3 Equipment 840100
4 Stationery Items 10900
5 Business Promotion & Inventory 55000
6 Franchise Fee 200000
Branch Setup Cost 1200000


Working with us gives you many benefits

  • Most importantly you get the scope of making your own fate rather than working under others
  • Besides, we are the first and only Gold Company that guarantees assured returns on your investment from the very 1st month itself. You can see the results yourself within a few weeks of launch
  • Also, you get the chance to enter the industry that has ZERO recession. The Gold industry is an evergreen and constantly growing sector. It is considered as the least affected industry even during inflation.
  • You earn at least ₹ 33,333 every month without even being physically present. Moreover, you can access real-time information about each business transaction made at your franchise
  • We work in FOCO Model that ensures both you and we are free of risks. This partnership model guarantees Return on Investment irrespective of profit or loss

Why Us

Advantages of doing business with us

  • Mr Srikanth V. Nalige and Mr Manjappa Bidaragaddi founded Sristar Gold Company in 2019. In this time span, we have been successful in launching and operating 10+ stores in South India with our revenue growing every day. We plan to expand all across India with your help
  • Our founders have been active in the gold industry for almost 10 years now and have vast knowledge about all the workings. All these years of experience is one of the key reasons for our success
  • Our FOCO Model allows you to continue with your passion and hobbies along with your business. You receive fixed monthly returns even if you’re not present in the franchise outlet


We take around 30 to 45 days to set up and launch the franchise. After you finalise the deal with us, it’s our duty to handle everything and ensure that the operations in the new franchise store start within the next month

No of Days Amount
Day 1 - Day 7 Finalization of the deal after payment of the investment amount
Day 8 - Day 11 Survey and Evaluation of the market to gather data for business
Day 12 - Day 21 Letter of Intent + beginning of Setup
Day 22 - Day 30/45 Installation of all the requirements in the store

The operations in your Franchise begins from the launch day itself

For any other information please call +91 63 66 333 444.

You can also visit the nearest Sristar Gold Company branch to you

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